Holiday boot camp

During the March holidays, seven of our top learners joined four volunteer educators at the school for an intensive boot camp to prepare them for the upcoming Olympiads.

The camp was conceived and designed by Derek Springett, our patron and life orientation teacher. He used some of the techniques that he describes in "How to pass every exam first time". It was overseen by Mr. Mpofu, the deputy Principal. He's our maths wizard and coached Lesego Morobane (grade 6) and Ntokoto Mabobo (grade 4) in problem solving.Mpofu

We deliberately had them punching way over their weight in the hope that when they compete in the Maths Olympiad, they will find the questions well within their grasp.

The other three teachers coached social sciences - Mr Mloyi; spelling - Mr Maseko; and natural sciences - Mr Molai, to Sarah Nhlane, Rorisang Seane, Tanaka Matika, Tiyamo Matele, and Matimba Nkuna.


Each day, the learners attended six 1/2 hour intensive study groups interspersed with 1/4 hour stretching, ball throwing and similar relaxing activities. Everyone, teachers and learners alike, found the program extremely exhausting but the results were amazing. We plan to hold these boot camps during every holiday in the hope of doing well in the many competitions that are available in South Africa.