Our top abacus learners get special coaching

Our top abacus learners get special coaching

Our patron and Japanese abacus expert has taken two learners, Ntokoto Mabobo and Nkosiyomsa Ndimande, under his wing for special competition coaching during a 1/2 hour extra lesson four days a week.

Not only is abacus maths extremely good for the development of the brain and to instill a passion for mathematics in our learners, it can also be highly competitive. First are the exams, starting at the 10th kyu and progressing all the way down to the 1st kyu then on to 1st Dan, 2nd Dan and so on up. To put this into perspective, Sharné Bresler, a director of Abacus Maths (Pty) Ltd and their top performer is preparing for her 3rd kyu exam, whilst our own Derek Springett is preparing for his 4th kyu. His progress is the most rapid of any student in the history of Abacus Maths (Pty) Ltd and his success is the result of his fascination with the way the human (and more particularly, his own) brain works and can be bent to serve his will. In order to progress them rapidly, he is teaching Ntokoto and Nkosiyomsa a different approach to learning their multiplication tables, an essential skill for the more advanced exam levels and also helping them understand how their brains cause them to repeat similar mistakes under exam conditions.


The goal is to get them to the 6th kyu within a year and after that to coach them to win at competitions.


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We offer after school care in the form of homework facilities followed by extra-mural activities until 17h00. There is an extra fee for this service (see SCHOOL FEES).

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