Frequently Asked Questions

Is the school registered with the Gauteng Department of Education?

Yes, our registration number is JE 700 400 680 

Do you provide school transport?

Yes, we do. See School Fees for the cost.

Transport is provided for extra-mural activities.

What if I need to drop my child off before 07h00?

There is a teacher monitoring the gate in the morning from 06h00.

Is Gallagher a new school?

It started in January 2016. Although a Gallagher School ran through 2014 and started 2015, it failed through lack of business skills. Mthetheleli Ndimande, who originally owned 52% and Derek Springett (the school patron and owner of the building) joined forces and started a completely new school based on their vision of abacus based learning. Mthetheleli has been involved in child schooling for several years and Derek is an ex-Eden College matric maths and science teacher, Professional Engineer and Chartered Accountant. His accounting practice is housed in the same building and manages the school finances.

Can I pay by Debit Order?

Unfortunately, we found during our first year that, although some parents were exemplary in their handling of the Debit Orders, a majority did not provide funds for the transactions and the reputation of Harbour Associates (our Patron's company) with SagePay was compromised. For this reason, we do not offer Debit Order facilities. All payments are to be by EFT, cash or swipe card.

What happens if I fall behind on my fee payments?

If you have not paid your fees in full before the 1st of any particular month, you child will not be admitted to classes the following day. If you drop your child off under these circumstances, we will phone you to collect him or her. If you do not collect them, then they will not be admitted to class, but will have to sit and await your collection. If, at the end of any term, fees are in arrears, then reports will be held by the patron, in his professional capacity until settlement of the account. Accounts that are one month in arrears will be handed over for legal collection.

Does the school provide food for the pupils, or is there a tuck shop?

Yes it will, but check withthe school to find out when it is starting. We will not offer junk food.

Does the school provide filtered water?

Yes. We have a Pureau water dispenser for the children. They should bring their own water bottles.

Does the school have sports facilities?

Yes. We have our own sports field at the school with soccer and netball, and also offer year round swimming lessons in the neighbourhood of the school.

What is Abacus Maths?

Your child will first learn to use the Japanese abacus called a soroban. As soon as they understand how it works, they will then be taught to carry an image of the soroban in their heads (this is called anzan). As they progress from simple addition and subtraction through multiplication and division, they will practice with both a physical and a mental soroban. Anzan results in the balanced development and co-operation of the left brain (logical) and the right brain (pictorial). The outcomes are truly amazing. To watch South African children doing these sums, take a look at this. Notice their fingers working the soroban in their heads.

Are parents expected to get involved with their child's homework?

Yes, you should spend time improving your child's reading and spelling skills because these are difficult exercises to carry out on one's own - they need to read and spell out loud and be corrected where necessary. Abacus homework, however, is strictly not for parent participation.

Is the abacus on the stationery list the same one used for abacus maths?

No. The one on the stationery list is a Russian abacus having 10 beads per wire and 10 wires. This is used to teach numeracy. The abacus used for abacus maths is a Japanese soroban. Each wire has beads 1 to 4, plus a 5 bead.

Where can I view the school uniform?

The uniform is on display in Reception at the school. We have a distinctive, attractive and practical uniform (see gallery). In order to minimise cost to parents, the school does not buy the uniforms and resell them. Rather, the orders are placed with the school which passes them on to the tailor. Parents pay the tailor directly.

Does the school have a Board of Governors?

No. Management and direction of the school is in the hands of the owners and the staff, all of whom will be available at various times to discuss your child's needs.

Can I use the Principal to swear Affidavits and make certified copies as Commissioner of Oaths rather than having to go to a police station?

Gladly. He will make (and certify) a reasonable number of copies at no charge.

School Hours & After School

Normal school hours start at 07h30 each day except Mondays and Fridays which start at 07h20. The school closes at 14h00  each day except for Grade 7 and upwards who remain until 14h30 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. School gates open at 06h30.

We offer after school care in the form of homework facilities followed by extra-mural activities until 17h00. There is an extra fee for this service (see SCHOOL FEES).

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