Fees and discounts 2020

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Registration is conditional upon payment of registration fees by EFT and receipt of a completed registration form.

Age by 30 June 2020 Grade in 2020
5 0
6 1
7 2
8 3
9 4
10 5
11 6
12 7
13 8
14 9

The following tuition fees include abacus maths tuition and sports, both of which are compulsory.

Please note that learners with special needs are subject to quotation.

Grades R to 3

Terms Payments Fees
Full year 1 R25 080
Half year 2 R12 540
Quarter 4 6 270 
Monthly 11 R2 400 
2 or more children

5% off starting with the 2nd younger child

R2 280 

 Grades 4 to 6

Terms Payments Fees
Full year 1 R26 125
Half year  2 R13 065
Term  4 R6 535
Monthly  11 R2 500
2 or more children

5% off starting with the 2nd younger child

R2 375

Grade 7 to 8

Terms Payments Fees
Full year 1 R28 215
Half year 2 R14 110
Quarter 4 R7 055
Term 11 R2 700
2 or more children 5% off starting with the 2nd younger child R2 565

Changing between monthly, quarterly and half yearly during the year results in an additional quarter or half month becoming payable in December.

Full year discount

Parents whose children attend in January and who pay in full for January will receive a "full year discount" and will only pay 11 months to November. Parents whose children start later will pay for the month or part month that their child starts through to, and including, December. For example, if a child starts on 20th March, the parent will pay for 10 months (March through December). If this is not absolutely clear, then please phone the Principal who will explain.

Registration fees are payable as follows:

New registrations - R2 100 No registrations will be processed until the registration fee is received.

Re-registrations - R600 payable prior to first day of school.

These payments are non-refundable except if the school declines the registration.

Tuition and all other fees except uniforms, swimming and dancing (which must be paid directly to the relevant service provider) are payable by EFT (see banking details on the main menu) or at the school in cash or swipe machine, the first payment prior to school opening in January 2019 and the remainder by the end of each month for the following month.

Bank charges are payable by the parent on swipe transactions or cash deposits if the payment is more than one day late (i.e. 2nd of the month). There are, however, no bank charges on cash payments made at the school.

Any payments made for whatever reason will first be set off against outstanding tuition fees. This means, for example, that payments for an educational trip will first be used to reduce any outstanding fees and not for the trip.

Learners will not be admitted to classes if fees have not been paid in full.

Reports will not be handed to parents unless there are no fees outstanding including fees relating to bank charges, abacus books and equipment.

Other costs include:

Optional items:

Private Abacus Maths classes