Trip to the Cradle of Humankind

On Friday 1st March, the pupils of Gallagher Combined School were treated to a visit to the Cradle of Humankind exhibition followed by the Sterkfontein caves.
The focus of the Cradle is on evolution, particularly of humans, although the exhibition also demonstrates the evolution of animals such as the elephant and the horse.

After a brief video of the discoveries made in the Sterkfontein caves, they climbed into a succession round boats, each carrying four people. As each boat was loaded it launched onto an underground river and carried its passengers through waterfalls (which thankfully turned off just before each boat went under them), ice caves, visual fire effects and wind, all depicting the early years of earth’s development. I suspect that the teachers were more nervous than the children.
After a wobbly disembarkation, everybody tested their skills in one way or another, learning more about evolution and its impact on the earth.
A short bus ride followed, and helmets were donned for the Sterkfontein caves, and finally the garden of statues depicting famous South African people.

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