Additional information for 2020

Our small classes

We are committed to maintaining small classes. If any class grows beyond 25, it is split into two classes of 13 learners each. Our average class size in 2019 was 9, with more in the lower grades and between 4 and 8 in the higher grades. Compare this to over 40 per class in some Midrand schools!

School bus service

The 30 seater bus will transport learners from home to school and back again at a cost of R800 per month.

It will collect the more distant learners first and those closest to the school last. Likewise it will drop off the closest learners first and the more distant ones last.

Not all addresses can be accessed in the time available, so we are unable to guarantee a seat on the bus for all applicants.


81% of parents voted to include robotics as a compulsory subject in 2020 and the additional cost has been included in the school fees published on this website. The lessons are provided by, an independent service provider who is paid by the school.

Each class is broken up into very small groups and each group works with its own robot. A story line puts the robot into problematic situations which it has to deal with. The group figures out how to deal with the problem and programmes the robot accordingly. Once the problem is solved, the robot moves on to the next situation.

The children learn to think creatively and co-operatively using available resources (the robot's capabilities) to solve problems - a critical skill in preparation for their success in dealing with the 4th (5th and 6th ...) industrial revolution. Co-incidentally, they learn the concepts of programming and coding, although this is a secondary consideration.

Boot camps

During 2019, we introduced free holiday boot camps to prepare our top learners for competition. In 2020, we are extending this concept to include voluntary boot camps for all comers.

These will, essentially, be mornings (8am to 1pm) of intensive extra lessons in selected subjects. They will be at an additional cost of R150 per day with a minimum of 3 learners per class and will be planned to accommodate as many interested parents as possible.

If the numbers justify it, transport to and from home may by offered.


Each alternate Friday, we bus the learners to Midrand Action Sports, an indoor facility about 2km from the school. All grades play netball (girls) or soccer (boys), although other sports (cricket and hockey) are available should we choose to include them.

We also do well in running events, usually at Midrand High School.


School Hours & After School

Normal school hours start at 07h30 each day except Mondays and Fridays which start at 07h20. The school closes at 14h00  each day except for Grade 7 and upwards who remain until 14h30 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. School gates open at 06h30.

We offer after school care in the form of homework facilities followed by extra-mural activities until 17h00. There is an extra fee for this service (see SCHOOL FEES).

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